Inércia Demoparty will take place at Academia Dramática Familiar, in Lisbon, Portugal, close to the river Tagus and major monuments.

We will have a big screen projector, audio PA, tables and chairs for up to about 30 70 participants and a bar for snacks and beverages.

Concerning COVID-19 related restrictions: we will follow whatever health directive is mandatory at the time of the event. Currently in Portugal all restrictions have been lifted, no requirement to provide vaccine documentation, no requirements to wear masks. Common sense applies: please stay home if you're infected, and please wear your mask indoors if you have symptoms and/or been around someone who recently tested positive.

The location will close during the night, there will be no sleeping room available at the party place. If you're travelling from outside Lisbon please find accommodation on local hotels or air b&b.

Registration for physical attendance

Inércia Demoparty welcomes anyone who is interested in the demoscene and digital art but it is a private event with a very limited number of entrance tickets, we will prioritize entrance for people who register early, submit entries to the competitions and/or are travelling internationally to attend the event. If we have too many registrations we will try to find a bigger venue in time for the event, so if you intend to come and only if you really intend to come, please register. You can register yourself using this google form. If you're anti-google, you can email us your information to

Who is coming

  • ps
  • jeenio
  • Alien
  • goulart
  • totetmatt
  • Buu342
  • miragept
  • Jae686
  • Speccy IODO
  • waffle
  • myy
  • meh
  • EviL
  • anticore
  • cc2022
  • reality404
  • spiikki
  • Spacelord
  • fozi
  • Data
  • Sokra
  • Urania
  • Bacter
  • quendera
  • Parallel Pulse
  • KammutierSpule
  • jpaquim
  • msoff
  • nczeroshift
  • Blossom
  • Superogue
  • JPRamos
  • PauloFalcao
  • psykon
  • Shana
  • garfield
  • RANT3D
  • RaccoonViolet
  • canau
  • tininha
  • anticristo_69
  • shadowpiranha
  • a4ndr3c
  • afonsus
  • bacitoto
  • Fu5c4
  • gr9yfox
  • Metoikos
  • Yago
  • Ri
  • Liqube
  • jdramos

Registration for remote submitting and voting

You don't need to register with the google form if you are not planning to attend physically. To submit entries remotely and voting on the competitions you can simply login to this very website using SceneID.

Rules of conduct

No sexist, racist, transphobic, etc behavior allowed. The organization reserves the right to refuse entrance to anyone for any reason. For all intents and purposes this is a private event. Same rules apply to our online chatrooms.