We will have five distinct seminar events at Inércia this year, here you can find more information on each one of them and their speakers:

🎨 Material Maker updates by Paulo Falcão

Paulo Falcão will give us a follow up on the latest developments in Material Maker (a procedural Physically Based Rendering materials authoring tool, based on the Godot Engine) since his seminar last year at Inércia 2021. The seminar will be focused on the use of the tool to generate SDFs objects with procedural textures.

🍺 Portuguese craft beer by João Birra

Portuguese master craft brewer João Birra (previously involved with Birraria, The Fisherman, 8a Colina, currently involved with Cervejolitro) will present a sampler of different Portuguese craft beers and tell us a little about their breweries history.

🧙 Demoscene past and future roundtable

We will sit down with a few demosceners who are actively involved in different outreach efforts and have an open discussion with the audience on the topic of attracting new talent and what we can all do to provide a more welcoming environment for new and old demosceners.

🏛️ Load ZX Museum by João Diogo

João Diogo Ramos will give us a presentation on the work he has been doing with others to build up the Load ZX Museum at Cantanhede, the efforts being made in preserving Portuguese ZX Spectrum culture and what is still to come in the future of the museum.

🎶 Algorave workshop and performance by Toplap Lisbon

On Saturday we will have a livecode performance / workshop by Toplap Lisbon, they'll be using tidalcycles, supercollider (audio) and hydra (visuals) for their algorave performance and also open for Q&A with the audience at the end.