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2022-11-20 - Listenbourg Scene Demo Music Competition

Inércia might be over but our neighbours in Listenbourg are now hosting their first ever tracked music competition and the entire Inércia Demoparty organization has commited to giving them our total support and help them organize the event! We are also donating the trophies of our cancelled tracked music competition as prizes to them!

If you ran out of time to finish your entry for Inércia, please consider finishing it now and submit it to LSDMC!

Rules: Accepted any original music composed on a scene demo tracked format (MOD, XM, IT, S3M, PT2, AHX, etc), if you composed it on a tracker we accept it as an entry, no special plugins (like VSTs) allowed though. Please submit it using our upload system. Song will be faded out after play time of 5 mins. Deadline for submissions 29 December. Competition will be livestreamed on 30 December.

2022-11-12 - Photos from the event

A few folks been sharing some photos from the event, you can find them here and here.

2022-11-09 - Post mortems

ps recorded a youtube vlog ranting about the party aftermath, and jae wrote a post about the trophies!

2022-11-06 - Results and files available at scene.org

Official results.txt and all files are already available for download at scene.org! You can also find them at pouet and demozoo

2022-11-05 - Recordings are up

Yesterday's events were all recorded locally and already uploaded to our youtube

2022-11-04 - We are live

Might have forgotten to mention that we are now streaming live at scenecity.tv.

2022-11-02 - Fast challenge announcement

Seems we are being targetted for a fast compo! Pandur and Pixtur had so much fun with the one cube fast challenge at Deadline demoparty last month that they are arranging a similar thing for Inércia now! One theme revealed and 24 hours to make a demo about it, more info at their website.

2022-11-02 - Minor schedule updates

New event added to our packed schedule, closing down Saturday night we'll have a 2 hour session of The Tribal Time Traveler (music + visuals mixed by Liqube) for everyone at the partyplace to unwind and socialize before calling it a night.

2022-10-30 - Couple more sponsorship announcements

Nerdherrschaf is sponsoring us with equipment and dedicated internet bandwidth to ensure a buttery smooth 1080p60 livestream experience and also provide free internet for our visitors. In return we will be livestreaming through SceneCity.TV instead of last year's combo of twitch + youtube. Videos of all the competitions and events will still be uploaded to our youtube channel as soon as they end.

Fabamaq is sponsoring us with some prize money for the competitions! They are hiring software developers for their Porto office btw.

2022-10-28 - Changes to saturday's roundtable

We have decided to shift the focus a bit on the topic of our roundtable session scheduled for Saturday afternoon. We will now have on stage a couple of folks who are actively involved in different outreach efforts of the demoscene in different countries and have an open discussion with the audience on the topic of attracting new talent and what we can all do to contribute to the demoscene thrive and help provide a more welcoming environment for new and old demosceners.

2022-10-23 - Lexaloffle support

You might have seen this tweet by lexaloffle inviting their pico-8 users to join Inércia 512b fantasy console competition. They are also sponsoring us with some pico-8+voxatron licenses for some of our compo winners. Thank you Lexaloffle!

2022-10-16 - T-shirts deadline over

We are now ordering the t-shirts for folks who pre-registered in time. You can still register for attending the event and attend, you just won't get the free t-shirt anymore!

2022-10-13 - More sponsorship announcements

A few more sponsorships to announce:
- KitBash3D will offer physical attendants and livestream viewers of Inércia Demoparty discount coupons on their store for premium 3d assets.
- ConsoleKabels.be will offer discount coupons to some of our competition winners. Need cables and converters for your retro machines? You'll find them at ConsoleKables.be.
- Satori Effects has been releasing some interesting new plugins for After Effects and Premiere for a couple of years. Staying true to their demoscene roots they are giving out some licenses to some of our compo winners.

2022-10-09 - Entrance is free for associates

The official entity organizing Inércia Demoparty is a nonprofit organization called Associação Inércia. It's been recently remade legally since we had an organization with the same name 15 years ago. We want to increase the number of associates, to get more people involved in helping us achieve our goals of promoting the demoscene in Portugal and abroad.

To promote new memberships we have decided to offer free entrance to Inércia Demoparty 2022 to all registered associates of "Associação Inércia" which have their quotas fully paid until the end of the fiscal year since the date of their registration. The quotas are a symbolic 2 euros a month, half price if you're a student or unemployed. You can register to become an associate member of Associação Inércia using this form (portuguese only) and get more information on the organization itself at our official website inercia.pt.

For non associates of "Associação Inércia" the entrance fee to Inércia Demoparty 2022 will be 10 euros paid at the door, with a reminder that we have limited tickets and that you need to pre-register to attend the event regardless if you're an associate or not.

If you do the math, it's cheaper to become an associate of Associação Inércia than to pay the entrance fee at the door, so please consider becoming an associate member.

Tickets give you access to all days of the event, there are no single day or temporary visitation tickets. If you pre-register before 15 October you also get this year's official t-shirt of Inércia Demoparty, which will not be available for purchase separately.

2022-10-07 - Toplap Lisbon

Slight adjustment to our Saturday schedule to slot in a seminar / livecode workshop by Toplap Lisbon, they'll be using tidalcycles, supercollider (audio) and hydra (visuals) on their performance and will be open for Q&A with the audience at the end.

2022-10-07 - More seats available

We were starting to have one of the best problems to have organizing a demoparty: Reaching the maximum attendance capacity of the booked location! So we put together an entire team of devoted experts to sit down and confer with the venue owner (actually we only sent Jeenio, but he counts as a whole team of devoted experts) and it seems we have the green light to also use the top floor of the venue for Inércia.

This means more work for our skeleton crew to prep the location 😭 (we're still looking for more organizer volunteers btw! to help us with the pre-party spam, on party build up, manage the door, run errands, etc). But it's great news for everyone else planning to attend: Our maximum capacity just doubled from 35 to 70 people! 🥳 Already a registrations record for Inércia and we are still one month off!

If you're planning to show up in person you still have to pre-register and you better be planning to bring an entry with you, because we will prioritize attendance access to those submitting things for the compo and/or travelling from abroad.

2022-10-05 - We Love Indies sponsorship

One month to Inércia Demoparty and i know what you're thinking "i really really want to make a demo for this year's edition of Inércia Demoparty and win the demo competition... but i have no audio and don't want to be asking around for it", well, lucky you! We just got a partnership/sponsorship deal with We Love Indies where you can use anything from their large repository of samples and songs for free: All assets within this license are to be used only for "Inércia Demoparty 2022". The downloaded assets stay unlimitedly licensed to this project even after the event. It is not allowed to reuse these assets for other projects outside of this event. Just use the coupon WL-22-13th-ed-In-Demo when checking out your cart of goodies (select any license, it will be overwritten by the coupon). Also, please make sure you mention the source of your material when submitting your entry!

2022-10-04 - LiqubeAudio sponsorship

LiqubeAudio is sponsoring us with some Resonic licenses again this year (specifics TBC). Resonic is the fastest audio player / sample manager around! Essential for finding now that specific sample that is hidden somewhere in your hard drive. We are very happy to count with their support once more!

2022-10-02 - Lovebyte championing 128b intro competition

The biggest party for tiny sizecoding Lovebyte is championing another size coding competition at Inércia. 128b should be enough for anyone to make a killer effect! Open to any platforms.

2022-09-26 - New competitions announced

Joining the list of competitions that was already previously announced, we have three new competitions to announce we are hosting this year:
- Oldschool pixel graphics, championed by Pandafox. For artists who love to do pixel art with constrained palettes. Accepting entries from any oldschool platform or fantasy console with limited palette.
- 3D graphics, championed by Oni. For all the 3d modelling artists out there to show what they are made of.
- Tracked music competition, because random sceners kept asking why we wouldn't have it this year despite no one be willing to officially champion it. Seems EviL will be championing it in the end!

2022-09-21 - Schedule & Seminar Info

We have updated our website with more information about the timetable schedule and the planned seminars.

2022-09-18 - Deadlines

These are the deadlines for Inércia Demoparty 2022:
- Registering for physical attendance: 15 October
- Championing a compo: 15 October
- Registering for Shader Royale participation: 2 November
- Submissions for the Drone music competition: 2 November
- Submissions for other music competitions: 4 November
- Submissions for all other competitions: 5 November

2022-09-13 - 4kb Executable Graphics Competition announced

We will host a 4kb executable graphics competition again this year, championed by last year's winner P_Malin who ended up getting a Meteoriks nomination for his submission "Caffeinate" and considered by many as best release of the party. Any challengers up for the battle?

2022-09-06 - Fantasy Console 512b Invitation

We released one more invitation for this years edition of Inércia Demoparty, this one submitted at the PICO-8 1K Jam event. Inviting size coding developers to participate in our Fantasy Console 512b size coding competition. You can see the entry here.

2022-08-30 - Looking for sponsors

We are looking for sponsors for Inércia Demoparty 2022, know someone who could be interested? Hook us up! Inércia is soon to be registered as a non profit organization, meaning donations could be tax deductable depending on country.

Things we are looking for sponsorship include:
- Visibility and prizes for the Shader Royale (largest known simultaneous online live shader coding event)
- Prizes for our other competitions (money, hardware, software licenses)
- Trophies for the competitions (provided by Jae and Jeenio)
- Venue rental costs (sponsored by pixelnerve)
- Compo machine (provided by EviL)
- Extron DSC 301 HD video scaler (provided by ps)
- T-shirt printing costs (sponsored by Amplify)
- Backup internet costs (sponsored by Amplify)
- Free Catering costs (sponsored by Amplify)
- Beer Seminar costs (sponsored by anonymous)

Interested in sponsoring us? Send us an email to info (at) inercia.pt

2022-06-13 - JPEG XL Art competition

What if you could make art just by tweaking codec predictors? Curious? Check out our newly announced JPEG XL art competition championed by _wb_! And this video interview explaining what JPEG XL art competition is all about.

2022-06-13 - Load ZX Spectrum museum

Load ZX Spectrum museum will be present at Inércia this year and championing a special ZX Demo competition, it's open to all Spectrum versions, either a full demo or a size limited effect, we want to see your Spectrum entries at Inércia Demoparty 2022!

2022-06-07 - Championing a compo

We have now published information about our running competitions for this year's edition of Inércia Demoparty.

Following the success of drone music compo and tic80 512b competitions from previous years, we have now opened a championing system. If you have a cool idea for a niche demoscene compo you'd like to have at Inércia, just find couple other folks to submit an entry for it, let us know and we'll run it for you!

2022-06-01 - Pre-Registrations are open

If you're planning to attend the event in person, you need to register! More info about it at the Location page.

2022-04-18 - More invitations released at Revision!

We participated at Revision Online 2022 with a couple more invitation entries: A PC 4kb intro and a TIC-80 demo.

2022-02-13 - Invitation released at Lovebyte

We released an invitation for Inércia Demoparty 2022 at Lovebyte 2022! You can watch it at demozoo.

2022-02-07 - Inércia 2022 webpage is up!

We are now live and hopefully not looking completely horrible!